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Hot Air Balloon Flights

Reach the clouds in hot air balloons! Discover Prague surroundings from above.

Hot Air Balloon Flights Hot Air Balloon Flights Hot Air Balloon Flights

Would you like to make your Prague visit truly memorable?

Then you should treat yourself to the most amazing view of the city and its surroundings - the view from the sky.

In Prague Siesta Apartments, we will take care of you also in this respect - we'll take you on an exciting hot air balloon sightseeing flight over Karlstejn, the historic summer residence of Czech kings from the time of King Charles IV.

What do I need to do if I want to experience your hot air balloon flight?

Not much, really! You just choose the day and the particular time (we usually fly two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset, when the conditions are best) you would like to fly (in fact, there IS one condition - the weather forecast must be good, otherwise the balloons cannot take off... It means no rain nor strong wind. This is something you can only know two or fewer days in advance, so you can actually decide on a very short notice), and we will take care of everything else, including the communication with the ballooning company!

What do I get for the price of the ticket?

  • - Not only will we provide the flight, but also a taxi ride from Prague Siesta Apartments to the place of departure and then back after the flight.
  • - Before the flight, you will have a unique opportunity to watch the ballooning staff constructing the hot air balloon! It will not take long, but it is a truly special experience.
  • - The ticket also includes non-alcoholic drinks on board during the flight and a glass of chilled sparkling wine plus small refreshment to celebrate the landing.
  • - The flight itself usually takes between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the winds.
  • - After the flight, you will receive a commemorative certificate of a ballooner!
  • - Premium insurance is also included in the price.

Should I be afraid of anything?

There is no need to! The balloons are piloted by experienced professionals, who will prepare you for the flight with a thorough pre-flight analysis, ie. comprehensive information on current flight conditions and safety programme. They are more than capable of providing you with full comfort and an unforgettable experience.

What kind of balloon will I fly in?

You will fly in one of the biggest balloons in middle Europe! It can carry up to 17 people, but you do not need to worry – the basket will not be overcrowded. We usually fly with 10 – 14 passengers maximum. Plus you can ask for your own „family“ cubicle on board, if you want to share the experience just with your family or a smaller group of friends.

What is the price of the flight?

The ticket costs CZK 5,000 per person, children under 6 pay CZK 500, children under 15 pay CZK 2,500.


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Hot Air Balloon Flights Hot Air Balloon Flights Hot Air Balloon Flights Hot Air Balloon Flights