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Home Galleries

For many of us, art pieces are the things which create the atmosphere of a home. We keep our favourite ones whatever happens and wherever we move. Unsurprisingly, the very same thing, art, can be quite disturbing. Take for instance a bizzare kitch inherited from manager's great-grandparents or paintings from IKEA that can be found in accommodation facilities all over Europe. After years of travelling, the Prague Siesta team has decided to be different. We came across and got truly excited by the concept of home galleries.

In our apartments and in reception, you will find sets of artwork by local artists, our friends eventually or directly us. Most of the pieces have seen diverse cafés and exhibitions before and were chosen to fit the environment. Plus, the exhibited paintings can be bought, piece by piece or as wholes. If you are interested, please ask the receptionist for price. Have a look at the pictures and artists' profiles below:


In our reception, you can currently see this collection by Alessandra Svatek.

Autor: Alessandra Svatek


Autor: Ludmila Smejkalová

Night Tables

Autors: Adela & Jana Belecová

Apartment - Rainbow

Autor: Alessandra Svatek

Apartment - Diamond

Autor: Jan Knitl

Apartment - Grapefruit

Autor: Radek Tomanec

Visit his website: