Prague Siesta Apartments - Services



If you arrive at the Prague airport and don´t want to use public transport, our partner taxi can pick you up and take you comfortably and cheaply to the apartments, avoiding extra cost and unnecessary stress. Of course we can arrange a taxi for you if you want to go anywhere from your apartment.

Interactive Map

Are you looking for the Information centre? Or the Post office? Would you like to have lunch or dinner? Do you want to go shopping, but have no idea where to head? Cannot find the nearest ATM or best places to drink? Drugstore? Chemist's? Bakery? Look no more! All this and more you will find in our interactive map!


To make you feel confident and comfortable in a foreign country, we offer you a smartphone with unlimited calling in the Czech Republic, mobile internet, GPS navigation, useful phone numbers, and apps for you to use. It is available for free, on request in reception.


Do not waste your time queueing for tickets. You can purchase most of them from our reception for the same or lower price.


Even though it is impossible to park for free anywhere in the Old Town centre, we know safe and free parking spots located just minutes away. We will guide you directly there and back, and provide you with useful information regarding attractions, land marks and places to shop and eat on the way.

Hot Air Balloon Flights

Reach the clouds in hot air balloons! Discover Prague surroundings from above.

Public transport

Finding your way around using public transport can often be very confusing. We will find the best possible bus, tram and tube routes as well as intercity train and bus connections. Public transport tickets are available to purchase from our reception.


If you want to send a letter or postcard there is no need to get lost in the streets trying to find a mailbox or a place selling stamps. You can purchase stamps as well as envelopes from the reception and leave your mail in our reception mailbox and we will send it for you.


Looking forward to trying Czech beer or wanting some refreshing natural homemade juice? Visit our reception/café. We also provide basic drinks in the apartment fridges for the same prices as the local shops.

Cofee & tea

In our reception/café we serve delicious freshly ground coffee and a selection of quality tea. There is also everything you need to make coffee and tea free of charge in your apartment.

Music & Events

Tell us what you listen to and we will tell you where to go. We keep up to date with musical and other cultural events so do not hesitate to ask and get suggestions tailored to your interests.

Sights & museums

As Prague Siesta is right in the heart of Prague Old Town it is surrounded by beautiful ancient buildings and there are museums to tell you its story. We will provide you with directions and background information that will help you to get the most out of it.

Art & Exhibitions

Are you an admirer of the long gone past, do you enjoy the most current trends and developments or do you not have any particular preference? Either way, you can ask us and we will direct you to what you are looking for.

Silence in the middle of a capital city?

Yes, it is possible. Even though Prague Siesta is close to all ‘must see places’ that are constantly bustling with people, and to major venues that do not close until morning, none of that will disturb you. Prague Siesta is located in a back street away from all the noise.


Are you going somewhere and you are not sure how to get there? Ask at the reception we will tell you the best way and print a map for you. Got somewhere and are not sure how to get back? Call us and we will direct you back.

Tired of walking everywhere? Hire a bike.

Forget segways! We rent folding bikes allowed in public transport. Take your bike to biggest hill in prague and enjoy the view with the wind through your hair.


Would you like to spend some ‘adult’ time on your holiday? No problem, we can provide professional child minding for your dearest.

Pets are welcome

We love all living beings. Do you have a cat, a dog or a parrot? Take them on holiday as well! Just let us know in advance, please. Only aggressive, poisonous and giant animals are not allowed.


Have you damaged your clothes? We can sew them up. Does the damage require professional attention? No problem, we can take it to the tailor.


For a small charge we can wash and dry your clothes.


In rainy days umbrellas are available from reception for free.

Health care

If you happen to get hurt or you are not feeling well, we can provide basic medicine, plaster, bandages, etc. Have you ran out of your specific medicine and do not want to bother with looking for it in a pharmacy or you could not found it there? We will get it for you.


In case your stuff gets broken, we will do everything to repair it or to find the best specialist available.

Internet everywhere

High speed Wi-Fi connection is available everywhere in Prague Siesta, just ask for the password.

And more

Is there anything else you would like us to do? Let us know, we will do everything to fulfil your wishes.