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New Service - Smartphone

We offer smartphone free of charge !

Smartphone Services

We have been racking our brains how to make you feel even more comfortable and confident while staying with us in Prague, and this is what we've come up with: we have made a smartphone available for you on request in reception. You will find useful phone numbers in it, mobile internet, GPS navigation, and great applications for curious tourists, and an interactive map tailored for our guests. You can also make unlimited phone calls in the Czech republic. You will not need to worry about telephone bills once you realize you need to use a phone here, and with the apps, you will find a lot of things easier and more fun than ever!


Feel free to use any apps and services and to adjust any settings. Smartphone will be rebooted to default settings once you hand it back so that you don't have to worry about your sensitive data.

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New Facade

Given our enthusiasm for Prague Siesta and its welcoming atmosphere, we have decided to endow the building with a bit of smart facelift. Not only have we finally removed the bad looking graffiti and repainted the entrance wall with warmer yellowish colour, we have as well placed the sign above the entryway so that you can find us more easily!


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Well of Light

You probably already know (or you can guess) that a stay in our retro stylized, in a medieval house situated apartments in the middle of Prague is a pretty romantic experience. But we never rest on our laurels and we always try to come up with improvements. This time, it is the Well of Light – a dark yellow illuminated well in the inner yard of the building, where you can spend quiet and truly magical moments after dark in the very city centre. And if this is not uncredibly romantic, then we do not know what is!

Well of Light Well of Light

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City Spy Map

We are feeling honoured this week – we have just been included in the renowned City Spy Map, which means that from now on, you will be able to find Prague Siesta Apartments amongst the coolest and most worth-going-to places (at least in the eyes of the map's makers) shown on this prestigious map, which is an essential tool for each and every inquisitive tourist looking for an alternative way of seeing the city. We are all really excited here! Check out the City Spy Map and allow it help you enjoy Prague's (not so secret anymore) life fully!

City Spy Map

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Get a toy, help the aged

We have got some more news for you from our Café! We have decided to support the creative elderly ladies from, which means one thing – once you visit our Café, you will be welcome to check out the basket with the cutest handmade toys knitted from natural VLNAP Merino wool, and, by buying a few, support 55+ year-old ladies gathered by this wonderful organization, which helps the elderly find occupation and make use of their knitting skills to make other people happy. We loved the idea, so it was a no brainer for us. We sincerely hope you will adore the beautiful woollen toys as much as we do! And if you really, really do, we can also arrange a workshop with one of the „grandmas“!

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Help Nepal

A couple of months ago, two of our friends, Vojta Stolbenko and Michael Bartizal were having a drink in Prague Siesta Café, and they spontaneously decided to book tickets to Nepal for this April. During their adventure, they practised the art of poi spinning and captured it on video. They had left Nepal only a few days before the disastrous earthquake took place there, having made the video a heartbreaking memory of places that may not exist anymore, and people who died in the earthquake. Their response to the situation was priceless – they are collecting money among friends and they are going to send it straight to the particular families in need, which they had met during their stay in Nepal. You can watch their video here, and maybe find a way how to donate some money, too. We believe that every donation can make a difference and will be appreciated!

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Richard Augustin Art

Richard Augustin Art Richard Augustin Art Richard Augustin Art

We have got a confession to make – we just LOVE ART! We have been supporting young and local artists since we started sharing these apartments, and you will see their pictures and paintings on most of our walls. And starting May 2015, you can not only see, but also buy works made by our dear talented friend, Richard Augustin, because we are starting a sales gallery in our café! He makes stylish prints, various kinds of posters, and impressive graphic designs, and he has even illustrated a children's book. His works of art are just another reason why to come and visit Prague Siesta Apartments Café!

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New beer - Vinohradský pivovar

Vinohradský Pivovar

Starting May 2015, our Café is yet another step closer to perfection – we started drawing the great and unique Vinohradské beer! It fits flawlessly in our vintage environment, as it is produced by a small, recently restored family brewery in one of the Prague's most beautiful parts, the town of Vinohrady. The brewery's history reaches as deep as 1893, and it had produced a pretty renowned beer brand until the communist confiscation in 1946. However, the production in Vinohradský pivovar (brewery) has been renewed recently after the building had been destroyed by fire in 2000 and then rebuilt. This great beer brand offers traditional unfiltered lagers, and also a handful of popular specials, made exclusively from Czech malt and hops, using strictly traditional technics and equipment. And why does it make a visit in our Café so worthwhile? Well, you will not find this delicious beer in more than a dozen pubs and restaurants in the country. Just another little piece in the Prague Siesta Apartments' puzzle that makes your stay with us unforgettable.

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Apartments renovation and TVs

Apartment after renovation Apartment after renovation Apartment after renovation

Since the end of March 2015, our apartments have boasted with completely new looks. We have replaced all the usual furniture with unique, vintage pieces from different antiques. We have painted the walls and fixed all the past issues from the list which we had collected from our guests' feedback. In several apartments, we have rebuilt bathrooms and kitchens to ensure more comfort. We have also cooperated with different artist who suggested the unique style of each apartment, and they installed their paintings and art in the rooms as well. Plus good news for the TV lovers – we now have a TV set with more than 2000 TV channels and radio stations from all over the world in every apartment. We are doing our best to keep our apartments feel stylish, and unmistakably unique, even in the very heart of Prague Old Town!

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Online reservation & new channels

Prague Siesta Accomodation Channels

Our customers have new ways to book their stay in our apartments. Except, you can now order and pay your accommodation through other most popular booking websites –,, and

Want to book for the best price? Use our realtime reservation tool that is highly secured and also customized for tablets and mobiles.

Supported payment gateways :

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