Prague Siesta Apartments - Ownership Change!

Ownership Change!

To all you travelers that we had the privilege of giving shelter to and to all of you who just stopped by and shared a glass, a story or a smile, we have an announcement to make. After those more than two years of dedicated service to all of you who once came as strangers and often left as friends, we are sad to announce, that we won‘t be running Prague Siesta Apartments anymore. Thank you all for making those two years happen and please know, that we are all most thankful for all the joy that we got from working with you, some of the kindest people of the world. At the same time, we would like to wish the best of luck to the new management, the original owner of the whole building, who is taking over starting today. We are handing over this profile as well as all the other online profiles to them, but will physically remain in charge of the place until last the day of October. So once again, good luck to you all, guys! We hope that running Prague Siesta Apartments will ignite similar passion in you as it had in us.

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