Prague Siesta Apartments - Shops



The biggest shopping mall in central Prague is 4 minutes walk from Prague Siesta. Over 300 shops and stores under one roof offer fashion, design, souvenirs and much more every day of the year.


Christmas market

Christmas markets are a key ingredient of the festive magic in the Czech Republic and Prague Christmas markets are the country's most impressive, lighting up the whole city. It is a place that brings all locals and tourists together to share the spirit of Christmas in a 'winter wonderland' setting.

Christmas Market

Bric a brac

Just round a corner, only few metres from Prague Siesta apartments you will find this crazy-looking shop. At first glance you might be frightened to venture inside, but trust us, it is full of interesting vintage accessories just waiting for a good home! The intimate store is covered from floor to ceiling with antique treasures including clocks, cameras, necklaces, bangles, and small clutches among other intriguing items. Bric a Brac is located on an atmospheric small side street off of Old Town Square, a perfect place for some retro treasure hunting.

Bric Brac