Prague Siesta Apartments - Parking


Prague Siesta Apartments is located in one of Prague Old Town’s crooked alleyways where it is forbidden to park unless you buy a permit (only for locals). There are a couple of parking options only few minutes away.

Free parking

There are free parking spaces available a 10-minute ride from Prague Siesta Apartments in "Karlínské náměstí" (search in GPS). Karlínské náměstí is a large square with a free car park and many other parking spaces in the surrounding streets. It is a safe area used by the locals for parking.

Paid parking

There is an underground, 24/7, guarded car park 5 minute ride from Prague Siesta Apartments at "Naměstí Republiky" in department store Kotva. Link

1 hour: 50 czk, 1 day: 900 czk