Prague Siesta Apartments - Legends


Origins of Prague

The origins of Prague begin in the 7th century with a Slavic queen Libushe, a beautiful and clever woman with the gift of being able to foretell the future. Libushe ruled fairly with her husband Premysl the Czech lands from the hill of Vyshehrad (literally Highcastle) - the first settlement of Prague (the second settlement of Prague was on the other river bank and it is the main one today, Prague Castle area). They say that Libushe had a vision once, she stood on the high shore of river Vltava, lifted a finger to the sky, pointed towards the wooded valleys and hills above the river and said: "I see a great city whose glory touches to the stars". She encouraged her people to build a town where a man was building the threshold (práh) of a house, "and because also noblemen must bow if they want to enter through a threshold, we are going to name it Praha". And Praha became the capital of her realm.

Roots of Prague