Prague Siesta Apartments - CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility

While some need regulation in order to reduce negative impact of their companies on the society and the environment, some have voluntarily chosen to have a positive impact. As Prague Siesta Apartments we are proud to join the latter group by supporting several beneficial projects listed below. As responsible citiziens, we realize that each of us bears responsibility for the common good.

Paralelní Polis

"The Parallel Polis", is a platform established by an art group Ztohoven with a community of hackers. Endorsing the idea of crypto-anarchism, they focus on the influence of modern technology on our social and political life. Paralelní polis connects people and helps to spread ideas by organizing numerous meetings and talks. They run a Bitcoin Coffee and coworking space called Paper Hub. We side with their philosophy and believe that what they say is an important part of public discourse, which is why we occasionally provide accommodation to their speakers free of charge.

Ukradená Galerie

Art is not always trapped in the gallery. The “Stolen Gallery” project brings surprises to urban passers-by by displaying works of art in previously abandoned public display cases in order to inspire both the artists and the spectators. Not only are Alex and Artur, iniciators of the project, always welcome at our place and can use our premises. The more, they help us with furnishing and decorating our apartments. In our point of view, projects such as The Stolen Gallery are what brings joy to our daily lives and what deserves our full support.

Roztoč Fest

Roztoč fest is an international festival of nouveau cirque (contemporary cirque), fire shows, jogglery and much more, held in Prague twice a year. One of the organizors is Vojta Stolbenko, a young artist and performer, who can be seen in our café/reception on daily basis and who sometimes helds his fantastic light shows and fireshows in our yard. What we like about the event is the way the community takes part in its organization. The atmosphere of creativity and fascinating amount of energy is something worth encouraging.


Many grandmas all over Europe can crochet and knit. Some of them have decided to have an active retirement, including a group of grandmas from South Bohemia, who make original hats, toys and gifts - Babi. By creating stylish wear and using quality local materials, they took their place alongside similar enterprises all over Europe. We are excited to be able to help them pursue their hobby and make a little extra income in their old age, which is why you can buy some of the products at the reception.