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Benjamin - Light apartment with two bedrooms: View detail
Visual exhibition on our yard
Fireplace - 2 bedroom apartment with gothic elements: View detail
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2nd Floor - Studio apartment on 2nd floor: View detail
Grapefruit -Warmly coloured apartment for 5 persons: View detail
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Welcome to Prague Siesta Apartments

In Prague Siesta Apartments you can sleep without being disturbed by noise from the street, enjoy coffee, beer or traditional Czech food whilst being in the very heart of Prague Old Town. We offer comfortable and stylish apartments in building with history and character typical for Prague Old Town. Satisfied guests with smiles on their face make us genuinely happy and we like to make sure that you have everything you need. In Prague Siesta Apartments we focus on friendly and personal service so you will not feel like ‘a number’ but like visiting old friends. Prague Siesta Apartments is filled with magical and unique atmosphere, it is an inspiring and enchanting place, ideal to refresh your mind and relax. Does this sound like something you would enjoy? Explore our website more and find out details. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about the Apartments or anything else. Live Prague!


Learn more about the qualities of Prague Siesta, which may persuade you that this place is exactly what you are looking for, when you are considering a place to stay for your holidays in Prague.

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Ownership Change!

08. 07. 2016

To all you travelers that we had the privilege of giving shelter to and to all of you who just stopped by and shared a glass, a story or a smile, we have an announcement to make. After those more than two years of dedicated service to all of you who once came as strangers and often left as friends, we are sad to announce, that we won‘t be running Prague Siesta Apartments anymore. Thank you all for making those two years happen and please know, that we are all most thankful for all the joy that we got from working with you, some of the kindest people of the world. At the same time, we would like to wish the best of luck to the new management, the original owner of the whole building, who is taking over starting today. We are handing over this profile as well as all the other online profiles to them, but will physically remain in charge of the place until last the day of October. So once again, good luck to you all, guys! We hope that running Prague Siesta Apartments will ignite similar passion in you as it had in us.


Prague Siesta Team

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06. 02. 2016

Good news! We have been officially awarded with 9.0 score at, which puts us among the best accommodation facilities in Prague. It means both compliment and commitment for Prague Siesta team and we are ready to work hard to meet and exceed your expectations. Thanks a lot for your support!


Come and enjoy the shisha!

13. 12. 2015
hydrogen pipes

Týnská 9 Café at Prague Siesta have got a beautiful new addition. Our friend and favourite waterpipe (or hookah, shisha...) producer, the one and only, have shot his promo photos at our place and happened to leave some pipes here to be used! We bet you will be as pleased as we are, not only because of its unique modern design. Apart of enjoying it in our yard, you can buy their hookahs in the café. We offer two versions – an impressive one with an H2o4 Social hookah, and a smaller portable version. Both taste wonderful! Check out the website for more pictures and info.


Prague Siesta Café has a new website!

29. 11. 2015
Týnská 9 - Silent Café with unique atmosphere in the very center of Prague just few steps from Old Town Square.

Prague Siesta provides you with accommodation in apartments with unique atmosphere, but that is not the only speciality of this kind that we offer. Týnská 9 Café is another one, as you probably know by now, and from this day on, you will be able to check out its very own website, where you can learn everything about our range of products (and what reasons we have to offer exactly those), its friendly environment, and events that take place there. Welcome to Týnská 9 Café's new website: